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Wuxi Tianyang Electronic Co., Ltd

Wuxi Tianyang Electronics Co., Ltd. (formerly Wuxi cygnet Ceramics Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1958. It is a key enterprise for the fixed-point production of power semiconductor devices by the Ministry of machinery and electronics. It has a complete set of professional production equipment and advanced testing instruments at home and abroad. The main products are ceramic metal sealed tube shells with various varieties and complete specifications (inner diameter of porcelain pieces is Ф 26-Ф 155) Class electronic and electrical components ideal matching products. The company has strong product design and development capabilities, and has continuously developed multi specification products such as optical control, GTO, IGBT, six inch and bolt to meet the requirements of users in time. At the same time, our company continues to expand the field, and now we have developed the supporting parts of the module and water cooling radiator, and the product quality is excellent, with good air tightness (1 × 10-9 pam3 / s), It has the advantages of high reliability and long service life. It has passed the inspection of national electronic product quality supervision and testing center over the years. In 1999, it has passed the ISO9000 certification. After several upgrades, it has passed the latest ISO9001:2008 certification. It has passed ISO14001 certification in June 2012. The company's products have been widely used in machinery, electronics, railway, power, military, scientific research and other departments, and have been sold to Japan, Britain, Germany, Russia, India and other countries, deeply welcomed by domestic and foreign users.

Group standard drafting meeting of AMB aluminum nitride ceramic copper clad substrate for insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) module

On June 15, 2018, the seminar on the technical standards of AlN ceramic substrate for IGBT module packaging was successfully held in Wuxi Buckingham grand hotel. The conference was sponsored by China IGBT technology innovation and Industry Alliance and Wuxi Tianyang Electronics Co., Ltd., and was from national power electronic standards committee, Standardization Research Institute of Ministry of industry and information technology, CRRC times Electric Co., Ltd., CRRC Yongji Electric Semiconductor branch, power semiconductor Institute of global energy interconnection Research Institute, Jiangsu Hongwei Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shenhe thermomagnetoelectric More than 20 people from subsidiaries, Zhejiang Dehui Electronic Ceramics Co., Ltd., Xi'an Weiguang Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Zhongke JunXin Technology Co., Ltd. and other units attended the meeting.

The 4th International Academic Forum of China IGBT technology innovation and Industry Alliance

On November 6, 2018, the company participated in the "Fourth International Academic Forum of China IGBT technology innovation and Industry Alliance" in Zhuzhou and set up an exhibition stand. Aluminum nitride ceramic copper-clad substrate and silicon nitride ceramic copper-clad substrate, as well as crimped round and square IGBT ceramic tube shells were exhibited. The figure below shows the standing governor of Hunan Province visiting the exhibition stand of the company.

Wuxi Tianyang Electronics Co., Ltd. and Nanjing University of technology · School of materials special recruitment fair

On the afternoon of November 22, 2016, Wuxi Tianyang Electronics Co., Ltd. and School of materials of Nanjing University of technology jointly held a special autumn campus recruitment fair in Houxue building of Jiangpu campus. The theme of this job fair is "science and technology is the core of enterprise development". Only continuous R & D is the biggest driving force for enterprise development, and R & D needs talents most. The enterprise provides a stage for the students who want to develop their research in material science research and development to realize the combination of interest and occupation. There are three alumni of Nantong, including general manager Yu of Tianyang electronics. Mr. Yu agrees with his alma mater's academic philosophy and appreciates students' humanistic quality. Therefore, he gives priority to providing job opportunities for younger students and younger sisters in his alma mater. Zhu Gong, the person in charge of the company's quality management department, first showed the video of Tianyang electronics to the students on the scene, showing the enterprise spirit that our company has always adhered to since its establishment -- "respecting heaven, trusting people and promoting morality". Zhu Gong gave a brief introduction to our company's current qualifications, company business, awards, domestic and foreign influence. Then, Mr. Li introduced our company's rules and regulations, welfare, corporate culture, existing industrial structure, organizational structure, human resource policy and other aspects in detail. At the end of the fair, general manager Yu made a brief summary of the industry achievements and the company's innovation and R & D direction, and answered the students' questions on the spot. After the lecture, students also have a certain understanding of the information and cultural concepts of Wuxi Tianyang Electronic Co., Ltd. The Recruitment Fair attracted many students to attend, and the HR department will select the best resume and arrange an interview to input fresh blood for Tianyang electronic. Employees and enterprises will surely take off to a more brilliant future!

What are the main advantages of SCR dimming?

Thyristor dimming has certain defects, but also has many advantages. It refers to the combination with incandescent halogen lamp, occupying a very large dimming market. If led wants to replace the position of SCR dimming incandescent lamp and halogen lamp lamp, that is, to be compatible with SCR dimming, what are the main advantages of SCR dimming? In the position of partially installed thyristor dimming incandescent lamp or halogen lamp, the dimming switch and knob of thyristor have been installed on the wall, and two connecting wires leading to the lamp have been installed in the wall. It is not easy to replace the silicon controlled rectifier switch on the wall and increase the number of connecting wires. The best way is to screw the incandescent lamp on the lamp head Down, replace with a compatible thyristor dimming function of the LED bulb on the line, and LED fluorescent lamp, the best is to do with the current T10 and T8 fluorescent lamp size is the same, professional electrician is not equipped, ordinary people can directly replace, can quickly popularize, so many foreign manufacturers of LED Driver IC have made compatible with the existing thyristor Dimming the IC. The difference between thyristor dimming and common flyback IC is that it can detect the conduction angle of thyristor to determine the current of led to dimming. This is the main advantage of thyristor dimming in this paper.

What are the types of thyristors

1、 According to the turn off, conduction and control mode, thyristors can be divided into ordinary thyristor, bidirectional thyristor, reverse conducting thyristor, gate turn-off thyristor (GTO), BTG thyristor, temperature controlled thyristor and light controlled thyristor. 2、 According to the pin and polarity, the thyristor can be divided into two pole thyristor, three pole thyristor and four pole thyristor. 3、 According to the packaging forms, thyristors can be divided into metal encapsulated thyristors, plastic encapsulated thyristors and ceramic encapsulated thyristors. Among them, metal encapsulated thyristor can be divided into bolt type, flat type and round shell type; plastic encapsulated thyristor can be divided into two types, with and without heat sink. 4、 According to the current capacity, thyristors can be divided into three types: high power thyristor, medium power thyristor and small power thyristor. Generally, high-power thyristors are usually packaged in metal shells, while medium and low-power thyristors are mostly packaged in plastic or ceramic packages. 5、 According to the turn off speed, thyristor can be divided into ordinary thyristor and high frequency (fast) thyristor.
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